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Electrotel is a company that offers a unique concept. It was born thanks to two men who made their sales debut in flea markets. We are constantly fighting prices and are constantly looking for bargains and novelties. . Electrotel has made its way through the years. The company has grown and is highly competitive

With the constantly growing demand, we must see bigger and thus allow you to enjoy our passion, our experience, our reputation and especially our name. Today, thanks to the success of the company, Électrotel opens to the franchise.

We are therefore looking for investors who want new challenges, with substantial experience in retail and in the various spheres of management. We offer you a real business opportunity where you will benefit from the well-established concept of the chain of stores.

With Électrotel you will see your investments grow and contribute to the expansion of the success of the brand to which you will be proud to belong.

Here are some of the many benefits you will enjoy if you become a partner with us:

Experience and know-how
Support in marketing, advertising and promotion offered in each of the banners
Become a boss of an ever growing company
Access to quality, quantity and price of supply optimized to preserve the reputation
Work in a dynamic team sharing the same passion and the same objectives

If you want your own business, you have the skills of a good manager and are a leader working, do not hesitate. You are the partner that Electrotel needs for the expansion of its chain.

To contact us, we invite you to fill out the form. Dare the first step with Electrotel for a fruitful future!

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